Architectural work

Interior and Exterior work / Steel-frame work / Painting /
Hood installation

Civil engineering work

Buried piping (Water and Electrical) / Paving

Electrical work

High voltage cable laying / High voltage switch laying / Low voltage cable laying
Generator installation(includes ATS, Loadbank, Temporally generator, etc)
Power distribution installation / Lighting control        
Air curtain installation / Manhole installation        
CJP, Cubicle installation        
Transformer installation        
Street light installation   

Water work

Water and sewage water piping replacement
Water meter installation and replacement
Water tank cleaning

Plumbing work

Water supply and drainage / Sanitary equipment installation / HVAC / Automatic fire alarm system installation

Fire protection

Fire hydrant installation / Sprinkler equipment installation
Automatic fire alarm system installation


Security camera installation
Optical cable installation

Maintenance work

Electrical related fields:
    Generator / UPS / Street lights / Electrical room / Power distribution panel
Water related fields:
    Pump / Motor / Backflow preventer / Waste water / treatment plant / Oil water separators
Equipment related fields:
Fire protection related fields:
    Automatic fire alarm system / Fire pump
Communication related fields:
    DDC system

Location of work for
U.S military forces:
(As of December 2014)

Naha Port (Okinawa) / Camp Kuwae (Okinawa)  / Camp Lester (Okinawa) / Tengan Pier (Okinawa) / Kadena Air Base (Okinawa) / White Beach (Okinawa) / Camp McTureous (Okinawa) / Chimuwan tank farm (Okinawa) / Camp Kinser (Okinawa) / Camp Foster (Okinawa) / Awase communication station (Okinawa) / Fort Buckner (Okinawa) / Camp Shields (Okinawa) / Torii communication station (Okinawa) / Okuma rest center (Okinawa)   


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