Management philosophy


Management Philosophy

“New Japanese family principle”


The business environment in Japan has been drastically transformed after the collapse of the bubble economy. Based on an achievement-oriented system, working arrangements have changed, switching from regular employment to temporary employment, and along with that, relationships between people have become diversified and complex.


The relationship between the company and its employees, and the relationship amongst employees, has diminished. This means we are no longer bothered by troublesome relationships within the workplace, but on the other hand, it seems there is an increase in awkward working environments.


In recent years, internationalization and dissemination of IT have been affecting local companies. We need to address globalization and consider what the new environment should be for our company, as well as take into consideration how to combine company, family and local community.


There is a Zen saying: “Sottaku dōji”, meaning simultaneous tapping and pecking. This saying depicts the scene where a parent bird will incubate its eggs, and when the time is right, the fledgling begins to tap at the shell from within while at the same time, the parent bird will begin to peck at the shell from without. The meaning behind this is that a master will give instruction to his apprentice at the very moment that he is about to be spiritually awakened. Other representations of this saying are: “breathes are in sync with each other” and “perfect opportunity”.


When applying this saying to the company’s management, it creates a company culture in which each manager, employee and their family can depict his or her own life on the “canvas” of the company and achieve happiness by communicating with each other; not only through a one-way communication from the top down.


We believe that the property of the company is its employees and that by attracting quality employees we can become an excellent company.

We are committed to creating a company environment that increases the happiness of our employees and their families, and we are aiming at a growing business model that contributes to the local community as a company group.


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